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Terms & Conditions




  • Currencies once sold or bought could be returned only at prevailing rate.
  • Customers are requested to obtain the receipt after every transaction and should carefully check the amount before leaving the counter.
  • No responsibilities will be accepted once the customer leaves our office, error and omission expected.
  • Refund against cancellation of Remittance or any payment orders returned unpaid for whatsoever reason will be refund only with prevailing market rate.
  • If the funds are not received/credited after four working days a complaint can be logged by the remitter.
  • The company will not be responsible for any delay, mistake or omission caused in the transmission and liability is limited for emendation at shortest time on notices.
  • Bank-end charges if any for all Remittances will be deducted from the proceed of the remittance, if the remitter is willing to pay backend charges here then same should be specified accordingly.
  • Remittance will be subject to the laws related to money transactions in UAE / intermediary Designated Countries.
  • Reissuance and amendments charges may be applicable.
  • Any complaints, queries on our services or fraud incidents can be raised through our official email address [email protected]  or our Dar Exchange – Customer Care – 04 2508787.
  • For further feedback, please visit our website (www.darexchange.com) or call: 04 28508787 or email us:  [email protected].